Welcome to my website

It is an interactive platform where I would like to engage with those of us who are operating in the marketplace i.e. business, government, media and the education sector. I would like to leverage from my skills set that I have been blessed with and the countless life experiences gained over a period of more than 22 years in high profile positions, to equip fellow believers to fulfill their destiny in the market place. My mission in life:

Being a thought leader – through speaking and writing – developing leaders in the market place for Kingdom impact.

God always had a keen interest in the market place. Most of Jesus’ first disciples came from commerce, none from a church background. More than 70% of His public appearances and supernatural interventions happened in the market place. Currently, it is also in the market place where powerful forces are at play in company board rooms, governmental and educational institutions. It is therefore imperative to mobilize on a massive scale, as much as possible, market place leaders that can advance the Kingdom at this strategic terrain. As Martin Luther King Jr. aptly puts it “We are confronted with the fierce urgency of the now.”

The need for a values based leadership approach, is essential for sustainability in our leadership journey. A key feature of it will be my weekly blog called PRISM. When light enters a prism, it gets refracted and breaks up into the colors of the rainbow. Likewise, I trust that whatever thoughts, ideas, or intentions that might appear meaningless in your life right now, will through our engagement, become clearer and revealed into its intended splendor.

There is a massive harvest available in the market place, waiting for diligent laborers. My increasing exposure thus far in this part of the vineyard, accorded me some of the most exhilarating experiences on my faith journey. I trust that as we embark on this journey together, that we will be stretched, challenged and developed because ” iron sharpens iron.” I value your continuous feedback and interaction.

Let’s go for it!!